RCA Secret 2011 | Royal College of Art, London | 18-25 November 2011

A very heart warming email appeared in my inbox yesterday, regarding the purchase of my RCA Secret submission:

Dear Edd,

Last week I went to the RCA Secret viewing and fell in love with two postcards, two matadors. They were the only postcards I wanted. Last night, I sat in a sleeping bag on the street to get as close to the front of the queue as I could, (if you knew me, you’d be surprised) just because I wanted one of the matador cards.

Waiting in line, people were checking their long wish lists of postcards, watching the tv screens with the images of the cards in the sales hall and ticking off postcards as they were marked as sold. I didnt need a piece of paper, I only had two postcards in mind. I got towards the cash desk and one had been bought already. I got nervous. I asked for card 1934, and they still had it! I nearly cried!

I feel very lucky to have got it. I’m sure there were hundreds of people in the queue after me who would have been really disappointed to see the picture as sold.

Its the most beautiful and delicate piece of art I have ever seen. I’m completely in love with it and wanted to thank you very much. I’ll cherish it forever.

Thank you so much


(published with permission)


(From a series entitled ‘Lágrimas’ which will be published by Rise Arts in January 2012)


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